Game Review isn't new, but it's very popular. It has been leading on the iOS game charts for quite some time. In US Apple Store, still remains the best action game according to the current ranking. In the game description, it sounds and looks like an old popular desktop game Atari's Centipede or Snake. The game is based on classic arcade games, though refreshed with a 2-dimensional modern design, rather than a flat one.

You're a cute worm in the game searching for snacks, maneuvering around the void as you avoid crashing into the other worms that may cross your way. In order to gain points and grow, you have to gorge yourself with the glowing light. At the beginning of the game, you're a small skinny thing and this enables you to nimble and maneuvering is easy. But as you become larger, you expand both in width and length. The larger you get, the tougher it is to get out of the way or make quick turns. If other worms crash into you, you'll gobble up their lives and save yourself some stress.

There are 2 ways of playing the game

Against the AI locally or against other players online. The game play is the same for both ways. However, if you're on Wi-Fi, playing with the game's AI is quite cool. When playing online, you'll bump into much more bigger worms. Also, since you're playing against a real human online, you may be up against strategic, smart players who'll get you trapped and eat you up. But the AI is a bit less aggressive.

How to play Controls

There are 3 modes. The Arrow mode is the easiest. Simply drag along the screen with your finger to guide the worm. In the Classic mode, changing directions requires you to tap. In the Classic mode, more skill and patience are required. When the other worms are headed in your direction, making quick dodges is very much tougher.

The 3rd option is the Joystick mode. At the lower corner, there's a small gray circle which can be used as a touch control just like the traditional joystick. It is not as intuitive as the Arrow mode, but easier for getting out of sticky situations. In the area of personalization, you can customize your worm through changing of its skin. Wonderfully, this game has awesome free character options. Most other free games will make you pay to get a better look, but from the beginning, allows you to enjoy the mixed designs.