Game Review

Moomoo is a unique survival style online game. In the game, you main aim is to survive against other players, chickens, and cows that are trying to get you. This can be done by crafting items and collecting resources. You get more experience by collecting resources, which as you get more, new items are unlocked. The items include wall upgrades, trap upgrades, food varieties, and weapons.

The game is actually similar to another game known as, where your main aim is to survive too. However, with, the major way of survival is through building settlements for survival. In fact, you can partner with other players. With both combined efforts, a village can be created which will withstand attack from foes alike and monsters! Strategy

The first strategy is to relate with the various resources. The 3 basic materials to be collected are stone, food, and wood (they are found in the bushes, stones and trees around). As you get them, you get more resources, more experience and more unlocked upgraded items.

Another important strategy is to find resources which are all together. For instance, finding a spot with a tree, berry bush, and a rock all close to each other will make you grow faster than if you have to travel to get each separately.

The final strategy is trying to ally with other players. It's a bit risky because after working tiger for some time, they could get you killed to be in control of the area. Hopefully, this wouldn't occur, but it's something you should consider. Try out these 3 strategies to increase your survival chances! Controls

In, there are just a few major controls. These include the use of Spacebar (or left mouse button) to click on materials for collecting resources and also aim your character by moving the mouse. The left mouse button can also be used to attack other players. To allow your character to chop constantly, you should use the E key. Perhaps, this can be set as you take a little trip to the kitchen while stones are being mined by your guy? Well, we don't recommend this... Suppose an enemy comes to attack? To move your around, use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys. For the game, the best configuration is moving around using the W, A, S, D keys, pivoting (aiming) with your mouse, and clicking with your left mouse button. This doesn't work always with most .io games, but for this, the combo works perfectly.