Lordz.io Game Review

Lordz.io is a medieval warfare online game. It’s got every classic battlers, from archers to knights and foot soldiers. The "Lordz.io" spelling is an indication that the game is not one hundred percent serious. Advanced kingdoms are guarded with cartoonist, ridiculous barbarians and fire-breathing dragons. Lordz.io is designed primarily for maximum entertainment.

There are 2 varieties: the workforce composition game and the last man standing game. The game requires glorious strategies in addition to uncooked experience.

Amassing Beasts and Men

In Lordz.io, anyone that commands the biggest army is the strongest player. It's a game of number, whereby the highest is the winner. The game is played as follows: collect gold, purchase soldiers, collect gold, build houses, collect gold, build towers, collect gold, and then fight. The most frequent and important aspect of the game is very clear: collecting gold.

In the real world - and in other similar games - members of the society are driven by currency. Money makes almost everything possible, from hiring employees to purchasing a house. Also in Lordz.io, gold answers all things, from gathering an army to guarding towers and building barracks. More gold can be accumulated by bigger squads at once, and this makes faster in getting rich.

Lordz.io Server

Experienced players of .io games will be very familiar with the interface of Lordz.io. Before starting, players can choose a server, buy skins, and read a short tutorial. In beta mode presently, there are ten servers in all major continents including Australia, Asia, Europe, and America. During the testing, the closer servers were more responsive than faraway servers which occasionally lagged.

Building and Fighting

Lordz.io is not the most realistic game in the market. The soldiers move across the battlefield effortlessly and quickly. Travelling with 20 archers is as fast and easy as moving with just a dragon. This is good for the overall game play, since the pace is upbeat continually and filled with action potential. Battles are beginner-friendly, since there are no controls of hand-to-hand combat. To guide your squad towards the enemies, simply point at them, and automatically they will begin to fight. When there's no way to aim, the best strategy for attack is flanking. Big armies can be split into numerous squads by commanders. Then, it's possible to surround enemies and squash them with ease.

Routes to Power

The rare 5 unit classes: knights, dragons, barbarians, soldiers, and archers. The exact health and power of each is not known. So, players can try out various clusters so they can discover which combination is most favorable. Not knowing how to precisely get total power can be fun too. Lordz.io is exciting, new, and fun-filled.