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Shell Shockers is a unique shooting game that takes you to a war which is filled with danger. You won’t feel remorse for being in the battles. You’ve got to save yourself! Shell Shockers game brings players together from all over the world. Hold your gun tight and then fire. Get it on! Damage all the eggs!

The Shell Shockers differs from other games. It is a free action game. You will be a fighting egg. Simply type in your name, pick an egg of your choice and start the combat. There’re 3 eggs available for pick. Soldier has the EggK-47 gun, Scrambler owns the Dozen Gauge, while Free Ranger uses the CSG-1 weapon. The information about the characters including the fire range, rate, accuracy and damage is shown also under the image. You’ve got to fight alone. You have to compete against every other enemy. You’ll move around the battlefield, using your gun to kill your rivals while avoiding getting killed by them. You can use grenades if you’re in trouble.

You have to be careful if you want to stay alive. The attack waves of enemies keep coming. Your rivals can also have weapons like you do and will attack on seeing you. So, you have to move safely as you watch the steps you take and carefully observe your immediate surroundings. Your rapid reaction is important. Open fire on your opponents to obtain scores. Also, be careful with how much ammo you release – you have a limited supply on your weapon and you have to retrieve supplies from your defeated enemies and from the ground.

Once you are shot, you’ll be blown up and that’ll be the end of the game. Then, you will get information about who actually killed you. In the next match, you can take revenge. You will be able to respawn by just a click. Your result is your best kill streak. The rank is displayed in the right corner on a small board. Are you prepared to rule your confrontation? You can join any server among Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and US. There are numerous servers available. You can even join or create a private game if you’ve got a code.


Without doubt, is one of the popular physics-based games that are calculative and addictive.

LORDZ.IO is a medieval warfare online game. It’s got every classic battlers, from archers to knights and foot soldiers.


Moomoo is a unique survival style online game. In the game, you main aim is to survive against other players, chickens, and cows that are trying to get you.

SLITHER.IO isn't new, but it's very popular. It has been leading on the iOS game charts for quite some time.